Best Anti-virus Protection – individual sanitizer ECCO

A new revolutionary approach to disinfection, high-quality service for your customers – antiseptic single dose stick sachet

The gel does not require rinsing


Neutral composition for hands


Maintains clean hands within 3 hours


Reduces bacterial flora by up to 99% in just 30 seconds

Solution tube, dispenser

• Big volume
• Can be touched
• Cannot be taken away
• When too many customers, it is crowdy
• Not comfortable to push with elbows

Contactless Dispenser

• Stands in one place, cannot be taken away
• Creates a queue of clients


• does not splash all surface
• Not 100% protection
• Cannot be taken away
• Wasting


• Dry hands
• Dry too fast
• Not always enough solution on the napkin for disinfection

Individual sanitizer ECCO

Single-dose gel — is an antiseptic gel in a compact, new and comfortable pack. It has a wide range of antimicrobial actions and a sufficient amount of components to treat hands with a long-effect disinfectant.

Where to use:
  • Health care institutions
  • Beauty salons
  • Catering places
  • Outside and on trips
  • In crowded places
  • When you have no water and soap
  • Reduces bacterial flora by up to 99% in just 30 seconds
  • Maintains clean hands within 3 hours
  • Prophylaxis of dirty hands, especially for children
  • The gel does not require rinsing
  • It dries immediately
  • Neutral composition for hands
How to apply:
  • Break the single-dose vial
  • Pour the gel on your hands
  • Massage for 30 seconds
  • No rinsing required

For your comfort

Individual sanitizer ECCO – available in 10, 20, 50 and 200-stick sachet packs.


is individual sanitizer ECCO the best of all disinfectants?


You can hand in the sanitizer to your customers at the entrance or place it on the showbox, where from they will take the small bottles and disinfect their hands.


You can use it where needed: at home, in a cafe, on an airplane or in a beauty salon.


Single-dose stick sachet! No waste of desinfectant. The doze is enough to protect against microbes.

High-quality service!

Show your concern for customers and add a single-use sanitizing gel stick sachet to the product package, they will definitely appreciate it.

No contact!

The customer only touches his antiseptic stick sachet and does not create a queue.

Unique! Brand!

You can brand an antiseptic stick sachet, put your logo on, or even place an advertisement with your promotion or a new product!

«Luxfarmol» Ltd Company

It is one of the most successful pharmaceutical companies. It produces more than 50 drug products.

Together we can contribute to the health of people around the world, without violating principles of sustainable development.

100% Quality

We take care of people’s health, but we don’t forget about the environment either. We use high quality ethyl alcohol as a raw material for our products, which has no harmful impact on the environment and for consumers.

Luxfarmol products are certified in the Republic of Moldova, Romania, EAEU, Italy, Great Britain and the USA

What companies will ECCO individual antiseptic stick sachets be of great use for?


Railway Services


Beauty Salons

Skin care rooms

Medical Centers

Delivery service

Coffee Houses

Fitness Rooms


For partners

The hand sanitizer is available in all trade networks of the country and offers potential partners great and real opportunities for business in this field.

Why choose the products of «Luxfarmol» Ltd?


Our entire production has the appropriate certificates of registration and quality.

High quality

Our products can be purchased in all pharmacy networks of the Republic of Moldova.


The products of «Luxfarmol» Ltd are time tested and the demand is constantly growing.

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