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We recommend to use «Luxfarmol» Ltd sanitizers and antibacterial gel in the following cases:

  • Before walks in public areas
  • In public means of transportation (especially during mass contamination)
  • Before meals, if you do not have the possibility to wash your hands with water and soap
  • On holidays, while resting in a different environment, where the microflora can differ from the one of your body
  • After playing with animals, if you do not have the possibility to wash your hands with water and soap
  • While visiting while visiting entertainment centers and shops
  • At medical offices and health care institutions, if you come in contact with a large number of people or common areas
    (keyboards, door handles, tables, etc.)
  • At home or on walks, use it to disinfect minor wounds, scratches and injuries

Why choose the products of «Luxfarmol» Ltd?


Our entire production has the appropriate certificates of registration and quality.

High quality

Our products can be purchased in all pharmacy networks of the Republic of Moldova.


The products of «Luxfarmol» Ltd are time tested and the demand is constantly growing.

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