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Air Freshener CAR & HOME ECCO COSMETIC® with a powdery-woody scent, 500 ml.


Air Freshener CAR & HOME ECCO COSMETIC® designed to remove unpleasant odors and generate light aromas to living quarters, kitchens, bathrooms and toilets, car interiors, etc., without leaving marks on upholstery, fabric, furniture.

The air freshener has a unique premium perfume scent.

The series of flavours CAR & HOME — perfume series of air fresheners, which fills the space with unique and sophisticated multi-layered aromas created by French perfumers.

The series of air fresheners CAR & HOME is a new sound for your home: CAR & HOME aromas, like wonderful music, unfold note by note, plunging into the world of freshness, harmony and comfort.

CAR & HOME aromas, like perfumes, adjust to the rhythm, help you enjoy every minute. The spread of CAR & HOME scent triggers a change in the inner state and rhythm. Each fragrance is a symbol of elegance, a source of comfort and inspiration — it is adjusted to individual perception and inner world.

CAR & HOME aromas represent amazing melodies performed by nature. This is a harmonious sound of rain, melodic rustle of foliage, salty sea breeze, ringing silence of mountain ranges, spring birdsong.

These melodies are capable of awakening and energizing, able to calm and envelop in silence. Likewise, air fresheners fill a space with fresh and sophisticated compositions, instantly neutralizing and eliminating unpleasant odors, leaving a subtle and airy trail of delicious aromas.

With its sophisticated design in watercolor style and a variety of home fragrance formats, the CAR & HOME perfume collection will be an exquisite addition to any interior design.

Refined and selected fragrances created by top French perfume houses, whose perfumers deal with such famous brands as Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Victoria’s Secret and Armani.

Only CAR & HOME air fresheners contain a wide variety of components that destroy unpleasant odors. It does not mask them, but removes them on the molecular level, creating a clean background for a brighter and more lasting fragrance. It instantly aromatizes and refreshes the air, filling the home with a unique scent. The carefully selected ingredients of the fragrance, the cost-effective spray will make you enjoy the fragrance for a long time. Just one bottle of air freshener will keep your home fresh and scent for up to 60 days.

The air freshener contains natural essential oils, which are absolutely safe components, effective for the natural removal of unpleasant odors.

The air freshener leaves a long-lasting pleasant scent, filling the space with a delicate, perfumed trail, like air clouds, and giving a feeling of beauty and joy of life. It is perfect for daily use as a finishing touch after cleaning.

It does not contain chemical propellant gases. It is safe to use.

The CAR & HOME Air Freshener is the perfect way to bring scent to every corner of your home and make every moment of your life special.

Air Freshener CAR & HOME ECCO COSMETIC® with a powdery-woody scent, 500 ml (Armani perfume).

  • Long-lasting fragrance;
  • Does not leave marks on upholstery, fabric, furniture;
  • Contains essential oils derived from fruits, flowers and plants;
  • Premium French scent;
  • Instant effect;
  • Exclusively natural ingredients;
  • Effectively removes unpleasant odors on the molecular level.

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