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Car Glass Cleaner Spray ECCO CLEANING®

Car Glass Cleaner Spray ECCO CLEANING® is designed for cleaning headlights, mirrors, windshields and side windows of cars.

Car Glass Cleaner Spray ECCO CLEANING® is a true professional in the world of car glass detergents. Effectively removes and cleans, without leaving streaks, any kind of dirt stains, including oil, silicone, tobacco, as well as traces of chemical products, from external and internal glasses and mirrors. It makes the surface perfectly clean and has an anti-static effect.

Car Glass Cleaner Spray ECCO CLEANING® helps quickly and effectively remove traces of insects, clean up traces of bird droppings, and in some cases, remove traces of tar, which inevitably appear during long trips and trips out of town. It is harmless to paint, glass and plastic, but at the same time it cleans them perfectly. It does not contain solvents.

The highly-effective Car Glass Cleaner Spray ECCO CLEANING® covers the glass with a protective membrane that prevents subsequent contamination and improves the transparency of the glass. It perfectly cleans the surface, gives it shine. It does not leave streaks and has a pleasant aroma.

Car Glass Cleaner Spray ECCO CLEANING® possesses an innovative and technologically advanced bottle, which is very convenient to hold in the hand during use, and the unique trigger sprayer has two modes of operation: spray and jet, thanks to a special net.

The spray mode makes it practical. Therefore, 500 ml of liquid is enough to clean the glass of 60-80 cars (windshield, rear windshield, two side windows, mirrors).

Car Glass Cleaner Spray ECCO CLEANING® 500 ml (code of product:).

1. Easily removes all previous protective membranes.

2. Effectively cleans glass from dirt and oil membranes. Makes the glass absolutely transparent and leaves no streaks.

3. Suitable for use both outside and inside the car.

4. Effectively removes tobacco spots and does not damage the tint film.

5. Prevents scratches on the glass.

6. Can be used to clean the polycarbonate plastic of car headlights.

7. Improves visibility and increases traffic safety.

8. Safe for paintwork, chrome, plastic and rubber surfaces of the car, as it does not contain ammonia.

9. The compact form allows you to keep it close at hand — in the pocket for accessories or on the car door.

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