Antiviral Liquid Sanitizer Farmol-Cid 500ml with dispenser.

(Code of product 380894900)

«Farmol-Cid» — is intended for hygienic and quick treatment of hands and cleansing of various surfaces of daily activity, in domestic conditions of increased hygiene, where disinfection is the basic measure to prevent spread of infections by cleaning the hands of medical staff: in health care institutions for children, schools and preschool institutions, social care institutions (nursing homes for elderly or disabled people), employees of economic enterprises, catering establishments, housing and communal services, patient care equipment, in drugstores and hospitals, in trade networks, in crowded institutions (stadiums, restaurants, customs and border points), as well as army and police units.

Quick disinfection is also required in medical institutions, food and catering industry enterprises, laboratory tables, dental chairs, medical equipment, medical means of transportation, refrigerators for health care and food industry.

The disinfectant is a ready-to-use clear, light blue solution, with a smell of alcohol and light perfume fragrance.

Active components: ethyl alcohol — 70-75%, benzalkonium chloride — 0.1-0.2%, methylene blue.

The sanitizer is a ready-to-use solution.

How to apply:

Hygienic hand disinfection: apply on hands no less than 3 ml. of sanitizer and gently massage until completely dry. Exposure time — no less than 30 seconds. Pay special attention to nails and spaces between fingers.

Surgical hand disinfection: apply repeatedly on hands 3-6 ml. of disinfectant solution. It is important to cover the entire surface for disinfection with solution. Exposure time — 3 minutes. The sanitizer is applied both, on hands and forearm.

Disinfection of alcohol-resistant surfaces: spray or wipe surfaces well (15-20g/1m2) and let dry. Exposure time — at least 30 seconds. No rinsing required.

Sanitizer validity — 5 years.

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