Antibacterial gel

Hand sanitizer ECCO antiseptic gel 100ml.

(product code 330499000)
Conditions of usage: Antibacterial hand gel effectively disinfects, refreshes and cleans the skin. It contains glycerin that helps moisturize and soften the skin of hands. This antiseptic does not dry the skin even when frequently used. In just 15 seconds it destroys the most common pathogenic bacteria and microbes. It is indispensable while travelling, outdoor activities and resting in public places. It is an optimal alternative to soap and water.

Antiseptic hand gel ECCO antiseptic gel, based on ethyl alcohol, destroys 99.99% of the most widespread pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses. It contains moisturizers (vitamins). It softens and refreshes the skin of hands.

How to apply: an appropriate amount of gel is massaged on the hand skin until completely absorbed. It is recommended for people with a dynamic lifestyle, parents of newborns and teenagers. It may be used at home and outside to prevent diseases at work.

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