Antibacterial gel

Hand sanitizer ECCO antiseptic gel 50x3gr. single dose.

(product code 330499000)
Single-dose gel is an antiseptic gel in a compact, new and comfortable pack. It has a wide range of antimicrobial actions and a sufficient amount of components to treat hands with a long-effect disinfectant.

Where to use and how to use:

— Health care institutions

— Beauty salons

— Catering places

— Outside and on trips

— In crowded places

— When you have no water and soap


— Reduces bacterial flora by up to 99% in just 30 seconds

— Maintains clean hands within 3 hours

— Prophylaxis of dirty hands, especially for children

— The gel does not require rinsing

— It dries immediately

— Neutral composition for hands

How to apply:

— Break the single-dose vial

— Pour the gel on your hands

— Massage for 30 seconds

— No rinsing required

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